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C'mon Baby Light My Fire, Massage Candle

C'mon Baby Light My Fire, Massage Candle

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Try to set the night on fire

A fresh scent with a sensation of texture, warmth and sensuality. This candle has top notes of bergamot, lavender and coriander and bottom notes of sandalwood, cedar-wood, amber and musk. 
Ingredients: soy wax, shea, cocoa and mango butter, hempseed oil & fragrance oil. 
1. Burn candle for approx 10-15 min or until you see a pool of oil.
2. Extinguish flame
3. Test oil temp with skin on back of hand. It should be warm, not HOT
4. Massage the oil into the skin using a gentle circular motion
5 Get lucky when you share it with the right person
We recommend you do a patch test before using. Use your discretion to determine if our product is right for you.  If allergies occur, STOP using & consult your doctor immediately.
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